June 8th – June 22nd 2024

Coming to Berlin this summer: An immersive, cutting-edge tech residency!

ZuBerlin is a two-week immersive residency to connect a group of 80-120 peers working, collaborating, and learning together at the bleeding edge of technology in a fascinating, co-creative space in Berlin. It's inspired and created by participants of Vitalik's Zuzalu and ZuConnect.

The goal is to bring together different fields of cutting-edge technological innovation and coordination (Distributed Systems, Cryptography, AI, Neuroscience, BioTech, etc.) as well as the human aspect of the people working behind these things. The in-person aspect not only allows for deep human connection, but also provides space for a different level of exploration and synergy through non-time-bound presence with each other and spontaneous, emergent interactions.

This residency will happen for two weeks from June 8th to June 22nd after ETHPrague and Berlin Blockchain Week. The minimum time to participate will be at least one week, and we will strive for an equal balance in the number of participants for both weeks. There will also be a hackathon from June 14-16, open to both ZuBerlin attendees and selected guest hackers. Find more information and the application form in the next section.

Coworking in a green garage with a sunset

Work in a way that feels different

You will find a welcoming environment with plenty of open spaces designed to encourage interactions and connections with others who share your interests and passions. This isn't just an ordinary workspace; it's a place where we transform work into a fun, creative, and shared experience. It's an environment that fosters collaboration, sparking new ideas and innovative solutions through the synergistic energy of its occupants.

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ZuBerlin Hackathon

The ZuBerlin experience would not be complete without building!
Get ready for a cozy hackathon from June 14-16! Spaces are available for ZuBerlin attendees, as well as selected guest hackers.
Our focus will be on three key tracks and themes: Decentralized AI for Good, Ethereum and Cryptography, and an Open Track for innovation in fields such as Biotech, Solarpunk solutions, Neuroscience, and more. A couple of project-specific ecosystem bounties will also be offered. You can apply as a team or individually. Let's build something cool and impactful together!

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Join workshops for another depth of connection

Apart from the tech and hacker scene, Berlin is also known for the vast amount of workshops you can find here. We'll bring in some experienced facilitators to give space for emotional exploration and depth with each other

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Reimagine the future

You can be sure that among the people you tinker with, there will be some who will truly push the boundary of how technology can improve our lives in the future → Maybe it's you?

Main themes and tracks

Centering around technology and humans at the cutting edge of innovation

  • Mechanism Design and Incentive Structures

    Work on fascinating problems involving complex incentive systems within and outside of blockchains, using methods such as simulations and agent-based modeling.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Agents

    AI is already shaping our world and will do so more and more. It has truly disruptive potential and brings up big questions of ownership, control and direction.

  • Applied Cryptography and Scaling

    Zero Knowledge Cryptography is an emerging paradigm with tons of unexploited potential. Starting from privacy and scalability the range of use cases is constantly expanding.

  • Neuroscience, NeuroTech and BioTech

    How your brain actually works continues being a fascinating and unsolved riddle. How can Neuroscience and NeuroTech enable it to interact more directly with technology?

  • Governance and Public Good Funding

    Technology can aid but not entirely solve human coordination. Exploring decentralized structures like DAOs raises questions about fair and efficient fund allocation while minimizing bureaucracy.

  • Immersive Experiences and the Human Aspect

    Uniting a curious and creative group of people is immensely valuable, which can be amplified further through emotional depth and special types of exploration unique to Berlin.

Coworking in a green garage with a sunset

Volunteering for ZuBerlin

ZuBerlin breathes and lives through the people participating and shaping it. We invite those who wish to volunteer or offer their help to make this a life-changing experience for everyone!

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A futuristic tinkerer hacking at her notebook


We welcome collaborative ecosystem partnerships with companies, organizations, and projects. This can include promoting financial inclusivity, involving team members as speakers, or providing infrastructure bounties for the hackathon.

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